Cycling and Clothing

cycling-apparelHow long have you been cycling? Do you have a dress code while cycling? And the big question is, is it necessary? Not all people who cycle wear recommended clothing while cycling. Most people who only do this, are the professional cyclists. What about those people who only use bicycles or motorcycles to go to their work or school? The best cycling shorts and shirts is really something all new and old cyclist should get. Usually, these people are already wearing their working and school attires. In this article, the clothes usually worn while cycling will be discussed.

Even there are proper attires recommended for cycling, the weather would still be taken into consideration on what will people opt to wear. For cold weathers, jogging pants are usually worn to keep the body warm. It is usually paired with sweaters. If you are planning to spend more time cycling, then loose jogging pants and shirts or sweaters are recommended to avoid sweat accumulating in your body. So most likely, you would feel cool whenever the wind blows towards your direction. If it’s raining, shorts are also advisable. This could prevent you from drenching your pants while on the road, or whenever you pass by a flooded street.

What about for professional bikers? Let’s try to take a look on the qualities of the shorts that cyclist should have. First, let’s discuss about the chamois or the seat pad. The seat pad is very important as it helps in preventing your behind to get sore especially for long rides. Seat pads usually come in various shapes and designs to match the buyers’ tastes. Do you want a short with a thin or a thick pad? Next, does the short fit you well and doesn’t create any discomfort? Sometimes, too large or too skimpy shorts can cause uneasiness on the riders’ part. Especially, the ones with a very tight waistband leaving a mark on the person’s waist. Lastly, the fabrics. Are they stretchable enough? Soft? Well ventilated? Now a days, there are many popular cycling shorts that you might want to consider. For waist shorts, Altura Pro Gel Shorts and Pearl Izumi Quest Women’s Shorts are recommended. Pro Gel offers an antibacterial properties, whereas Pearl Izumi uses a wide waistband and have silicone leg grippers similar to Pro Gel’s. If you want bib shorts you can try Castelli Velocissimo Due Bib Shorts for men and Gore Bike Wear 2.0 Lady Bib Tights Short+ for women. Bib shorts are usually worn as the movement is limited, ensuring that the pad stays in place. The negative side is, it’s somewhat tricky whenever you go to the loo. If you want baggy shorts, Endura Humvee Short and Endura Women’s Humvee ¾ Trousers are available. Mountain bikers usually prefer baggy shorts.

Before buying, please ask yourself, “Will I be comfortable wearing this?” Also, the price does matter! Not all the expensive ones offer good quality nor the cheap ones are of poor quality. As a buyer, you should be able to scrutinize the products efficiently before purchasing. You wouldn’t want to end up regretting spending money for a defective product, would you?